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March and Rally: Education Not Militarization (Veterans For Peace)

Sunday, August 13 - 11:30 - 1:15
JOIN US - Sunday, August 13 as we March and Rally in support of Children, Youth and Communities throughout the U.S. 

THE LAUNCH - 55 E Monroe Ave (Wabash)

FIRST RALLY POINT: Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Riverwalk - East Wacker Dr)
SECOND RALLY POINT: Chicago Public Schools - main offices

Veterans For Peace Annual Convention will include a March and Rally on Sunday, August 13th highlighting the need for Peace At Home, Peace Abroad.

Join us as we march to:
*Remove the military from schools
*Generate dialogue about the epidemic of militarization in our culture
*Advocate for peace and nonviolent education in our schools
*Fund our public schools, no more money for war

Veterans will march first to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to remember the deadly costs of war and the price our country pays for militarization. After a brief program, veterans will continue to march to Chicago Public Schools where speakers will highlight the many alternatives to violence and ways to become proactive in the teaching of compassion and tolerance. 

We know there is a direct connection between the application of the military model abroad and the militarization of the police, the militarization of schools and the violence and deterioration we see at home.

The Chicago Chapter of Veterans For Peace has worked tirelessly to advocate for the end of “the military model” in our schools. A model that teaches conflict resolution is violence. They seek to build a movement to remove the military model of conflict resolution by violence from the lives of children and youth in Chicago, and to turn Chicago Public Schools into a national model for teaching a well rounded curriculum for all students that includes cooperation, nonviolent conflict resolution skills and restorative justice.

The March will take about one hour and thirty minutes. It will begin at approximately 11:30 AM at the Palmer House with a welcome by Chicago VFP Coordinator, Arny Stieber and VFP Executive Director, Michael McPhearson.

We will then proceed along the sidewalk on Michigan Ave to East Wacker Dr, in view of Trump Tower, and then move along the River Walk to the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial. At this point we will hear from Monique Salhab, VFP Board; Steve Nelson, ChicagoVFP member and participant in the U.S. war against the people of Viet Nam; Sarita Villarreal, activist and advocate to ending the culture of guns, gangs, and death; David Kraft - nuclear energy expert on the conflation of nuclear weaponry and the environment.

We will then proceed to the Chicago Public Schools (our nation’s most militarized school system) Headquarters. There will be an introduction by ChicagoVFP member Rob Lamont re. efforts to demilitarize CPS. This will be followed by ChicagoVFP member Dennis Koehn - conscientious objection to war; Gina Harris - educator/empowering students beyond traditional learning; Jon Mize - Post Cold War Veteran, guiding young minds to reduce stress/PTSD. We will disburse from CPS, which is a few blocks from The Palmer House.