a revolution, an Evolution & everything in between  

We answered the #VetStand Call to standing rock. Our mission: protect and defend Peaceful Water Protectors standing for their sacred land, civil Liberties and Clean Water.  Our team got the word out and mobilized on the ground in both December and February, And well, we just haven't stopped since.  After Witnessing the aggressive tactics deployed on citizens Exercising their rights we knew there was more work to do.  So We keep amplifying. We have to; this is the defining movement of our time.

our network has grown but our goal remains the same: deliver news and information on how to take action and come together in peaceful resistance. Our Growing Community of over 40K service minded Veterans and kick ass Community Activists are passionate about civil rights, clean water/Air/Energy/Big Oil actions, raising awareness for underserved & Indigenous communities, as well as, promoting the political candidates who care about Progressive causes. 

Welcome to the resistance. 

News and Actions

Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and information on topics that matter to our progressive community of Veterans and Community Activists.  Be a part of the RESISTANCE  and share news, create your own actions and join the stands you believe in.

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Let's show them there are more of us than there are of them  #UnitedWeStand #UnitedWeWin




#VetAction Amplified

Cause, campaigns, events, blogs and actions get the attention they need. We push out most of our content to our social media channels but we are building a base calendar here on our webpage as well.  You can help us get it off the ground by sending over your content using our easy form  or just tag it #VetAction on social and we'll do our best to track and confirm it fits within our audience interests quickly.  

We're open to posting out of the box content, even if you're not sure it's right, send it over! 

Our network only gets stronger with more perspectives and voices! 

VETeran Marketplace

Know of a great Vet owned or Vet friendly business? Looking for some specialists with military training? We're creating a FREE marketplace to share your business, referrals and opportunities. All you need to do to join is fill in a few details and a member of our team will reach out to talk with you about options for publishing on our channels.  

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You might be asking yourself - Who are these people and WHY are they doing this? We're a team of volunteer keyboard warriors and field activists with a mix of backgrounds and expertise both Veteran and Community Activist.  We're taking action because we see the positive  impact when our community show's up to take a stand.  We originally built this online network for the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock #NoDAPL cause and we will always honor our Veteran and Native American brothers and sisters.  
The fight isn't over and this community has the potential to go further, change and unify the many important voices being ignored by mainstream media outlets.  We made the establishment sit up and take notice in December, we had TigerSwan running scared in February and launched #OPEAGLE a community outreach program of support on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in Eagle Butte, SD to fortify their community before #KXL.  WE CAN DO MORE for this country  if we bring our voices, actions and causes together we amplify the message and let those that would destroy the values and rights this country was built upon know that this will not #Stand.  
We're crazy, but in the good way. We care about our country, its people and the oath we swore to defend them.  We also understand the power of Courage and how Contagious it can be - we lived it in Standing Rock and in service.  Together, we got this. #UnitedWeStand